Lip fillers for Christmas? Think twice!

6th December 2021

In the festive run up, you might be thinking about beauty treatments to look your best for this year’s Christmas parties, especially after last year’s seasonal celebrations were cancelled due to Covid. With the growing popularity of treatments such as lip fillers, dermal fillers and Botox, facial injectables may be on your wish list.

If dental nurse Jenna Maclean’s story is anything to go by, think twice before you book your cosmetic-enhancing procedures.

You see, the week before Christmas in December 2020, Jenna underwent a cheap lip filler treatment. It was intended to fix the thin lips she’d always been disappointed with but actually caused severe disfigurement that left her looking as if she “didn’t have any teeth” and ruined Christmas Day.

Luckily for Jenna, her employer offers facial, body and medical aesthetic treatments as well as dental work. For the cost of £500, she was able to get her rogue fillers dissolved and new ones injected with no lasting damage.

Dr Rita Poddar at The Peppermint Group sums up what could have happened: “If Jenna’s artery had been injected, this would have caused tissue death, and if too much filler had been used, it would have compressed the vessels, creating problems in function and tissue viability. Despite appearances, Jenna had a lucky escape.”

Unfortunately, Jenna’s narrative is far from unique. Our ‘Horrific results from cheap £300 lip filler jabs’ and ‘Lip fillers disaster for hospitalised teenager’ blogs evidence this sad fact. Be mindful of the risks upfront and contact us in confidence if you suffer harm by your beauty therapist.

To sue a beauty salon, email, call 0800 141 3682 or 0333 202 6560, or complete our online enquiry form.

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