False eyelashes warning

18th October 2021

The dream: long, natural-looking lashes that are the attraction of many and envy of everyone.

The reality: botched extensions causing eyelash loss, inflamed eyelids and infection requiring medical attention.

While false eyelashes may be considered popular currently, deemed a relatively safe beauty procedure in the grand scheme of things and featured on the catalogue of the majority of salons, a woman in Australia unfortunately learnt the truth the hard way.

In readiness for her upcoming birthday celebrations, the Perth lady visited her local beauty salon to fix her severely damaged real lashes after having synthetic lashes applied onto her own by an eyelash technician of (now) ill repute. The lash loss was so extensive and potentially irreversible that nothing could be done to help.

You can access the full story on the Independent’s website.

The warnings about eyelash extensions are loud and clear: do your research upfront so you know what you’re committing to, choose your eyelash artist carefully and never select your salon by (cheapest) cost alone.

We present these tips and more in our ‘10 tips for wedding-perfect eyelashes‘ blog. Although the subject of our earlier article is preparing for your wedding day, the same words of warning apply for any occasion demanding eyelash care.

If you experience harm by the inattention of your therapist, contact our Beauty Treatment Claims team for specialist legal advice about suing a beauty salon. Because sometimes making a claim after beauty salon negligence is the only option open to you. Email enquiries@beautytreatmentclaims.co.uk, call 0800 141 3682 or 0333 202 6560, or complete our enquiry form.

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