Permanent scarring after fibroblasting beauty treatment goes wrong

3rd March 2022

59-year-old Jayne Bowman from Hampshire is struggling to leave her home over fears people will see the scars on her neck left behind after a botched fibroblasting beauty treatment. That’s according to a news report on the ITV website.

All about fibroblasting

To clarify, fibroblasting is the non-surgical, skin-tightening procedure that uses plasma and microbeams to trigger the production of collagen and elastin which, in turn, firm up the skin giving it a more youthful appearance.

Fibroblasting can be performed on many areas of the body, typically for facial wrinkles, lip lines, neck, jowls and imperfections such as acne scars and stretch marks. Results from fibroblasting are temporary, lasting from a couple of months to up to two years. Often, fibroblasting is coupled with other cosmetic procedures – dermal fillers, lip fillers and Botox amongst them.

Jayne Bowman’s fibroblasting disaster

The same as with any beauty treatment, there’s a risk of fibroblasting going wrong. To quote Jayne’s own words from the ITV report about what happened and the injuries she endured by her beauty therapist:

“I don’t go out without a scarf on. In fact, I don’t like going out at all. I’d rather go out in the rain where I’ve got a hood up and nobody can see me. I’m not slating all beauticians because they’re not all the same, but there are many of them out there that are bad. Stick to professional people.”

The unregulated beauty industry

Jayne’s story is a cautionary reminder about selecting a reputable, trained, registered practitioner for any treatment you’re considering having done. According to Save Face, the industry watchdog, 81% of its 2,083 complainants last year find their beauty therapist on social media via criteria such as cheap deals, number of followers and use of celebrity images. There can be serious consequences in choosing a therapist for one of these reasons as they’re not necessarily the safe option.

There are continued rallying calls for better regulation of the beauty industry. When you think of the harm that can be caused – blindness and disfigurement in the worst cases – it’s nigh time for the introduction of more robust safeguards to regulate providers and protect public health.

We’ve written on the subject of beauty sector regulation previously. Take a look at our ‘Wild West beauty sector needs regulating’, ‘The dangers of unregulated beauty treatments’ and ‘Government launches information campaign to raise awareness of risks’ blogs.

Making a beauty injury compensation claim

If you’ve been let down by your beauty salon, like Jayne, why not instruct a specialist solicitor for claims against beauty therapists? By doing so, you’ll receive the advice and support you need to secure compensation for your injuries – whether physical, psychological or both.

At Beauty Treatment Claims, this is our area of expertise. Our free initial no-obligation assessment and ‘no win, no fee’ terms thereafter ease the pressure at what is usually a very distressing time for our clients.

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