10 tips for wedding-perfect eyelashes

11th August 2021

Peak wedding season is upon us. As budding brides meticulously plan for their big day, one of the many preparatory tasks is… eyelashes! Lash extensions may seem a small consideration in the grand scheme of your wedding day arrangements but it’s important to get it right so that you feel on top of the world for your special event.

We’ve helpfully compiled these ten top tips to make sure your lashes look picture-perfect on your wedding:

1. Choose natural rather than dramatic
While it might be tempting to choose long, thick lashes, this doesn’t translate well when it comes to a classic wedding. The mantra here is ‘less is more’. Lashes should suit your face and be so flattering that most people will assume they’re real. If you start off small, you can always ask for extra volume later. It’s less easy to rectify lashes that are excessive to begin with.

2. Avoid coloured lashes
Following on from #1, go for jet black or brown lashes rather than experimenting with coloured lashes for all of the same reasons of natural being the most desirable style choice for the occasion. And it doesn’t mean they’re any less striking.

3. Find a lash technician by recommendation
Word of mouth is best when it comes to your beauty therapist. If someone you know and trust recommends their technician, you can’t go far wrong. You may notice a friend or colleague’s lash extensions looking great; if so, ask who they use. This is preferable to locating a therapist via a Google search as it’s a leap of faith.

The worst thing you can do is visit an inexperienced, unqualified or inattentive beauty technician. Lack of care can result in swelling, blistering and itchiness around the eyelids. Also, damage to your eyelash hair follicles can lead to permanent hair loss.

4. Have a trial run
While we kicked off this blog by stating wedding season is underway, it’s actually better to prepare for your ideal lashes way ahead of time. If you’re getting married in the summer, get your lashes done the previous summer to see how they fare in the weather conditions. You’re giving yourself plenty of opportunity to try have another rerun in order to correct what was wrong the first time around.

Reflecting once again on the issue of a negligent technician, all new clients should be offered a skin patch test to check for any potential allergic chemical reaction upfront. You see, there are chemicals in the adhesives and gel pads used to apply lash extensions. This test should ideally take place 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled treatment.

5. Get the final job done in a timely manner too
If you’re getting married in the UK, get your final lashes applied three to four days ahead so they’re still in good shape for your wedding. If you’re getting married abroad, leave it as late as possible to your flight before applying your lashes as it could still be a week or more before your actual wedding. Have an oil-free mascara to hand in case you need a lash top-up when the day arrives.

6. Look for silk or synthetic mink lashes
These varieties of lashes are pre-curled and will keep their shape whereas some types can drop their curled shape after contact with water, heat and other elements. It’s impossible to lock yourself away in the run up to your wedding. Instead, limit the impact of exposure to the elements in this way.

7. Steer clear of oily beauty products
To maximise the staying power of your newly applied lashes, stay away from oily items such as sunblocks, eye creams, cleansers, facemasks and the like. Oils are bad news if you want your lashes to last (which you do!).

8. Don’t be tempted by a budget buy
Money might be flying out of your bank account as if there’s no tomorrow with all of your wedding day purchases but don’t go for budget lashes. It’s a decision you’ll come to regret. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t compromise on your lash technician’s skill. Quality and experience are worth paying over the odds for.

Applying lash extensions is a technically precise procedure. With an unskilled technician, all manner of problems can arise, from failing to cover the upper or lower eyelashes sufficiently thereby causing them to get glued together by adhesive to fumes accidentally entering the eye resulting in severe irritation and inflammation. Further costly treatments will be needed to fix these errors. Spending as minimal an amount as possible in the first place is false economy and a danger to your health.

9. Know what to do if you react badly
As already intimated, a bodily reaction to the glue or adhesive used to apply false lashes is always a possibility, especially if you select a technician of ill-repute as a cost-cutting exercise. If a reaction occurs, remove the extensions, seek medical treatment and instruct an injury claims expert (see below).

10. Consider investing in good mascara and eyelash curler
Of course, there’s the option of simply buying a good mascara along with an eyelash curler as a safer alternative to lash extensions. You can still achieve longer, fuller-looking lashes without any of the accompanying risks.

As experts in claims against beauty therapists and salons, we know more than anyone what happens when a beauty treatment has gone wrong. By following our advice, you’ll prevent this happening to you. Should you suffer harm and need to contact a specialist solicitor for beauty salon accident claims, please get in touch with our team in confidence by emailing enquiries@beautytreatmentclaims.co.uk, calling 0800 141 3682 or 0333 202 6560, or completing our online enquiry form.

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