Suing a Beauty Therapist

Are you considering suing a beauty therapist for injuries caused after a treatment at their clinic, salon or spa? Get in touch with the legal experts at Beauty Treatment Claims. We’ll talk you through the process and gather some details from you so that we can assess if you have a good case. Successful beauty treatment injury claims could be worth thousands of pounds worth of compensation, depending on the severity of your injury.

Beauty salon treatments can be highly rewarding when they go well, offering you the chance to feel pampered and improve something about the way you look or feel. Unfortunately, this is a highly unregulated industry, so it can lead to things going wrong, especially if there’s a lack of training or safety precautions in place. Injuries caused by beauty treatments include chemical burns, scarring, disfigurement, blistering, hair loss, sight damage, ongoing pain and more, as well as a loss of earnings (special damages) and psychological trauma. Nobody should have to face this, so if the outcomes or injuries were the result of negligence, you could make a claim for compensation.

Providing accessible legal services after beauty treatment injuries, we’ll guide you through the process, offering our solutions on a no win no fee basis. We deliver nationwide solicitor services across England and Wales, ensuring you feel supported through your claim.

For all no win no fee claims against a beauty salon, clinic or business, contact us now by calling our team on 0800 141 3682.

We know how stressful it may feel if you’ve suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence and want to make a compensation claim. Entering into any legal process can be confusing, especially if you don’t know what to expect, so it’s vital you seek the right legal support to keep the process as straightforward as possible.

At Beauty Treatment Claims, we make things easy for you by offering friendly, accessible services. Please contact us to find out more and start the process. However, to get you started, you may also find some of the following information useful.


There are many beauty treatment injuries and accidents that occur at beauty salons, spas and other establishments offering these types of services. This includes cuts, burns (e.g. laser hair removal accidents) and allergic reactions, affecting anything from your sight to your hair and skin. Accident claims can even be made after medical negligence occurred, e.g. during cosmetic procedures held at a dental practice by a professional on the medical register.

While many clients blame themselves after receiving a beauty salon injury, it’s rarely the fault of the customer. In fact, you may have good instincts about what went wrong, including whether the treatment was rushed without any information given, the beauty technician knew something had gone wrong or there weren’t enough health and safety precautions in place, such as eye protection for certain procedures.

Personal injury claims will involve emotive cases, so we’ll always treat your claim with the understanding and dignity it deserves. If you feel your injury was less severe than many others, it doesn’t mean you can’t claim compensation if there was negligence involved. Even if you signed a waiver form or were warned about possible side effects, there’s no excuse for a business to act negligently towards its customers.

If you’re a beauty salon employee, you could even make an accident at work compensation claim if you suffered an avoidable injury that your employer could have helped to prevent.

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If you’ve found a compensation calculator to work out how much compensation your claim is worth, we would highly recommend you get free legal advice from our team instead. This type of online calculator is not detailed enough to understand the complexities of each case, so it could be highly misleading in either direction.

As part of our no win no fee claims service, we‘ll provide you with free advice and support to guide you through your compensation claim. If we feel you could be entitled to compensation, you may be able to claim anywhere from £3,000 to £9,000 for moderate injuries and up to £90,000 for permanent injuries.

How much compensation you get will depend on a range of influencing factors, including the legal advice you obtain, the level of beauty salon negligence proven and the extent of your injuries. To build a strong case, we would highly recommend you have our no win no fee injury claims experts on board.

What does a beauty treatment injury claim lawyer do?

You’ll readily find lawyers who take on cases for accident at work claims, road traffic accidents and car accident claims, but what about more specialist expertise? If you’re searching for a solicitor specialising in securing compensation for beauty treatment injuries, these are harder to find. That’s why we’re proud to offer high-quality legal services for all types of beauty treatment accident claims.

The UK beauty industry is thriving, with thousands more beauty products and treatments entering into the market space each year. If you choose to go to a beauty salon for treatments, there’s an endless list of solutions on offer, ranging from laser hair removal procedures to eyebrow tattooing and more. When you visit any type of business establishment, they have a legal duty of care to keep you safe. This means ensuring staff are trained and qualified to perform treatments and that the right health and safety measures are in place, including rules for substances hazardous to health.

Nobody should feel unsafe while they have a beauty treatment, but unfortunately, many injuries can occur. This includes injuries caused by improper use of equipment, chemical burn injuries and more, leaving clients in pain and suffering. As well as physical injuries, the experience may also have knocked your confidence and self-esteem, affecting your life in more ways than just the pain encountered.

When you contact a beauty accident claims lawyer, they’ll have a deep understanding of the law, including health and safety regulations businesses need to adhere to. A trained solicitor will assess compensation claims for viability and if they recommend you proceed with the case, ensuring the claim details are presented in legal terms. This will give you the best chance of securing compensation for your salon negligence claim.

How to prove beauty salon negligence occurred

One of the most challenging factors of any personal injury claim against a beauty business is proving what type of negligence was involved. This could cover just one or multiple parts of the beauty treatment process.

  • INEXPERIENCED STAFF – When you receive a beauty treatment, it’s easy to assume that the professional technician has had the right training and experience to perform it safely. Unfortunately, many beauty salons fail to check staff qualifications or ensure they’re trained to the highest standards. This can increase the risks of a beauty salon accident occurring
  • NO PATCH TESTS – If a client suffers an allergic reaction and had injuries caused by the beauty treatment as a result, it’s often due to a failure to carry out a patch test. This is when a client visits the salon 48 hours before the procedure to have a product (e.g. hair dye) applied to a very small area of the skin. Any beauty products that show signs of an adverse reaction, such as swelling, redness or itching, should not be used for the client’s treatment, often meaning they can’t access the service at all. While it can be disappointing, it’s better to find out your risk of an allergic reaction at this stage rather than when you have the full treatment, as it could lead to skin damage, burns or hair loss
  • INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION PROVIDED – To make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with a beauty treatment, it’s important for a client to understand everything from the process involved to possible side effects of any products and techniques used on their skin and hair. The consultation stage of a treatment is also required to find out more about a client’s history, including any allergies they have and their existing health. Some conditions could mean that a treatment isn’t suitable. If clients don’t have this type of consultation before a treatment, it risks more injuries occurring
  • POOR PRODUCT PREPARATION – Many beauty treatments use products applied to the skin or hair, and this may require some form of preparation. Unfortunately, when this is completed incorrectly, it could lead to severe injuries occurring, such as chemical burns. This can happen when the incorrect mix of products is prepared, the strength of the chemicals is too high or products are left on the hair or skin for longer than they should be
  • UNSAFE TECHNIQUES & IMPROPER USE OF TOOLS – The tools and equipment used for beauty treatments are often dangerous, from sharp needles to the high temperatures used. Careful handling and methods must be used to ensure client safety is considered at all times. If the equipment is faulty or there was a failure to protect the client from harm, health and safety negligence may have occurred

When you contact us about any compensation claims, we’ll talk through the details and see if we can identify where the negligence occurred for your claim.

Lip procedure


If you’re looking into beauty treatment injury claims, you may be wondering what’s covered. Luckily, most types of beauty treatments that lead to an accident or injury occurring are something you could seek compensation for. However, it’s always useful to know more about the common types of personal injury claims seen in this sector.


Compensation claims for dermal filler injuries are one of the most common types of beauty accident claims. Dermal filler treatments involve injecting other substances into the body which fill out areas such as wrinkles or produce a plumper appearance for the lips (lip fillers) and cheeks.

Unfortunately, a beauty treatment injury could occur if the professional isn’t properly trained, or the incorrect technique was used. Issues include the filler moving to another part of the body, scarring, inflammation or infections. There have even been cases of permanent dermal filler blindness occurring in rare cases.

If you’ve had an avoidable injury as the result of a dermal filler beauty treatment that went wrong, call our accident claims team now.


Microdermabrasion is another one of the beauty treatments on the list which we see personal injury claims for. This beneficial treatment can do wonders to improve your complexion, exfoliating the skin using tiny crystals and vacuum technology. It can be used in several places across the body, including the chest, neck and face, leaving smoother, youth-looking skin.

While the procedure shouldn’t break the skin like other more invasive beauty treatments that use needles and injectables, it doesn’t mean injuries won’t happen. This often occurs due to improper use of the equipment or a failure to recognise when a client’s skin isn’t suitable for the treatment.

Injuries occurring include permanent hyperpigmentation, scarring, infections and eye injuries, to name a few. Even with less severe injuries such as sore areas which eventually heal, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.


If you’ve suffered a burn injury, was it from the chemicals used for the treatment? If so, you could claim compensation. The burns suffered can vary from client to client, depending on the strength of the product, the treatment received and which parts of the skin were in contact with the chemical. In many cases, the client may even be left with permanent scars.

Another type of treatment involving the uses of chemicals is a chemical peel treatment to remove dead skin cells from the facial area. This is another beauty treatment where this type of injury can occur.

If you’d like to claim injury compensation against a beauty salon after this type of accident, call our legal advisors today.


Most people have heard of Botox, which involves vertical injections of a substance called botulinum toxin into neuromuscular tissue in areas such as around the eyes (e.g. to reduce crow’s feet) and the armpits. What many people don’t realise is that only someone with the right qualification should prescribe this treatment, such as a dentist or nurse prescriber. It means that many beauty professionals offering this treatment shouldn’t be doing so.

If a Botox treatment goes wrong, it can cause several issues, from breathing problems to disfigurement. If you think you’ve suffered a Botox injury due to the negligence of a beauty technician or salon, get in touch with our accident claims experts for free advice.


Chemical peels are another type of personal injury claim we see. This treatment uses chemicals on the face to remove dead skin cells. However, if something goes wrong, it could leave a client with scarring, discolouration of the skin or in a lot of pain. Even if your injuries are less severe than this, we’d like to hear from you.

If you want to make this type of accident claim for compensation, get in touch today for a no win no fee service.


Many people are allergic to some ingredients in products, but you’ll often never know until you encounter this on the skin. Sometimes, it can even be the strength of the product or the particular mix of ingredients which causes a skin reaction.

A simple sensitivity test (patch test) should be performed if there’s an increased risk of this occurring, e.g. applying hair dye or semi-permanent eyelash tints. When a tiny amount of the product is applied to the skin, any adverse reactions will usually show within 24 to 48 hours. This could be something as small as the area of skin turning pink or a few raised bumps showing up.

If a patch test wasn’t performed and the client has an allergic reaction, it can cause their hair to fall out, scarring, damage to eyelashes (e.g. with tints), vision loss, infections, inflammation, redness, pain and more, so it’s vital this process is taken seriously.

If you’ve had a reaction to a beauty product that could have been avoided, request a call back from our specialist injury claims team.


While we often talk about injuries when it comes to beauty treatments, unsatisfactory outcomes can lead to emotional distress and psychological trauma that leaves a client feeling withdrawn, low in confidence or embarrassed by the results. For example, this could be the result of eyebrow tattoos which look completely different each side or a lip line tattoo that wasn’t what you asked for. If you feel this has happened to you, speak to our team about the situation to see if you can make a claim.


If we haven’t mentioned your specific beauty treatment injury, please don’t assume it’s not something we cover in our claims service. The size of the beauty industry and the vast amount of treatments available means that many different types of injury can occur. Some of the other injuries and treatments we can help you make a claim for include the following.

  • Laser hair removal accidents
  • Laser hair removal burn injury claims
  • Special damages for loss of earnings
  • Semi-permanent makeup injuries
  • Microblading and eyebrow tattooing
  • Hot wax injuries
  • Any type of burn injury
  • Lip line tattoos
  • Thermal hair removal injuries
  • Hair and nail salon negligence claims
  • Tanning salon and sunbed injuries
  • Micro-needling accidents
  • Derma roller injuries
  • Tear trough injuries
  • Tattoo piercing accidents
  • Thread lift injuries
  • Medical negligence injury compensation claims
  • All cosmetic surgery claims
  • Cosmetic procedures at dental practices
  • Accident at work claims

Whether you see your type of claim on our list or not, please get in touch with our personal injury claims team.


If you’ve had a beauty treatment injury, your main priority should always be to seek medical assistance when needed, ensuring you reduce the chances of any permanent damage. However, if you’re looking to start an injury claim against a beauty salon, clinician or beauty business, it’s good to understand some of the evidence you can gather to help your legal team build a strong case.

This includes:

  • Photographs of injuries sustained
  • Hair samples (if you suffered hair damage)
  • Details of the business name and any staff names involved
  • Appointment dates and times (e.g. for the beauty treatment and medical appointments)
  • Once you’ve done this, contact our injury claims team for advice about the next steps. They’ll let you know if you are able to claim.


Do you want to claim compensation against a beauty salon? This must be completed within three years of the incident happening, unless there’s exceptional circumstances.

When you contact our injury claim experts, we’ll assess your case, and if we think you may have a claim, we’ll pass your details onto our specialist legal team for beauty treatment injury claims. They’ll arrange a convenient time to have a no-obligation discussion with you to find out a few more in-depth details about your claim. This is usually completed over the phone, but it can also be done via email if you don’t want to talk while at work. We can also arrange for you to speak to a female solicitor if you would prefer.

If you choose to go ahead with your claim, we try to settle with the beauty salon out of court if possible. This means once your case plan is prepared, we’ll contact the salon or business and their insurance provider to see if we can settle. Rest assured, if we do proceed with a claim in court, we have access to the best lawyers, barristers and doctors to help you win your case against the salon.


If you want to make a salon injury claim after beauty treatments left you with injuries or psychological distress, contact us. Our legal experts are experienced, understanding and knowledgeable, ensuring you know quickly whether you have a strong case to make a claim for compensation.

We keep things simple by offering a step by step proves so that you understand how we work, what stage of the claim process you’re at and what will happen next. We guide you throughout so that you feel supported, taking the stress of making a claim away from you.

As a no win no fee negligence claims service, you’ve got nothing to lose! All advice is tailored to your requirements, guiding you through the claim from start to finish.

If you’d like to get free advice about your beauty salon claim and start the process with a no-obligation chat, contact our advisors


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