Laser eyelash lift, anyone?

20th December 2021

Following on from our recent ‘Lip fillers for Christmas? Think twice!’ blog, are you considering having any last-minute beauty treatments to look your best on Christmas Day and through the imminent seasonal festivities? If you’ve ever imagined long, curly, lustrous eyelashes without the daily tedium of mascara application and eyelash curling in the morning followed by washing off courtesy of make up remover in the evening, eyelash lifts might be on your Yuletide pampering agenda.

For the uninitiated, this is the cosmetic procedure whereby a CO2 laser is used to make small ablations – precise areas of damage – to the top layer of skin above the lash line causing upwards-pointing eyelashes instead of straight forwards or downwards-facing. Results are said to last for a year or more.

Although supposedly non-invasive, minimally painful and done in a controlled way to ensure eye protection, just as with any aesthetic beauty treatment, things can go wrong. Where lasers are concerned, particularly, there are risks – scarring, blistering, burns and infections amongst them. At best, you can expect discomfort and tenderness for a few days afterwards.

While we acknowledge lifted lashes which give the appearance of brighter, wider eyes may sound appealing at Christmas and throughout the year, don’t rush ahead and book your beauty salon appointment without doing your research first. Ask questions about safety precautions and potential side effects, and choose a therapist who’s recommended rather than deciding on price alone. As anyone who’s read our blog before knows, if the price quoted for a treatment seems too good to be true, it probably is.

A useful starting point is taking a look at some of our earlier articles about eyelashes, namely ‘False eyelashes warning’ and ‘10 tips for wedding-perfect eyelashes’.

Remember, too, our legal team can help you to make a claim against your beauty therapist or salon in the event of negligence and injury.

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