Eyebrow microblading warning

6th March 2020

Over-plucked eyebrows is something a lot of us experience at some stage in our lives. Being overly enthusiastic with the tweezers is an easy thing to do. Whilst extremely distressing, it’s recoverable over time – possibly years, though! – if we can force ourselves to be patient.

Less easily repaired, however, is badly microbladed eyebrows. For the uninitiated, microblading is the process of having eyebrows semi-permanently tattooed – a cosmetic procedure that first rose to prominence in 2017.

This treatment may sound appealing from the perspective of reducing ongoing eyebrow maintenance, if your beauty therapist is negligent and gives you botched eyebrows, restoration is doubtful.

As experts in claims against beauty therapists, we see more and more clients seeking compensation from their beautician as a result of microblading gone awry. Should you need to see evidence to convince you of the dangers, take a look at The Sun website.

Amongst the various horror stories and images on this site is Jami Ledbetter, a 42-year-old mum from Kansas born without eyebrows, who spent a Groupon voucher gift on microblading to correct her birth defect. Unfortunately, Jami was left with four eyebrows. Subsequently, she became too embarrassed to leave the house and split up with her boyfriend.

There are other shocking cases as well, not least an American woman who suffered illness by needle-induced nicks in her skin from microblading becoming infected by bacteria.

If you’ve been injured by your beauty therapist, talk to us about the possibility of making a legal claim for compensation. To get in touch in confidence, please email enquiries@beautytreatmentclaims.co.uk, call 0800 141 3682 or 0333 202 6560, or complete our online enquiry form.

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