The worrying rise of the ‘alienisation’ beauty trend

8th September 2021

Unrealistic beauty standards are depicted everywhere. Whether it’s heavily Photoshopped magazine cover photographs or overly filtered Instagram uploads, we’re all guilty of falling for them even when we know they’re not true to life.

The extreme editing of photos of celebrities, influencers and models leaves many of us battling identity issues in our quest to emulate similar perfection which is simply unattainable. There’s no point in comparing ourselves to exquisitely sculpted and immaculately made-up famous people because these media-spotlighted images are fake.

As if low self esteem, negative thinking and body dysmorphia aren’t enough to contend with, now there’s another toxic beauty trend to live up to… fillers. Or, to be more accurate, overfilling.

To clarify, more and more patients are undergoing filler treatments, often badly placed and overdone, which is resulting in a warped appearance that’s become the new normal in beauty circles.

According to a London-based cosmetic surgeon, lack of regulations, monetary greed, unscrupulous practitioners and excessive plastic surgery is to blame for brainwashing society into believing an alienised face is the new perfection-personified ideal. This latest perception drift is spreading at epidemic rates and presents significant risks to both our physical and emotional well-being.

To tackle the growing problem of alienisation, it’s the responsibility of beauty therapists and cosmetic surgeons to act always with a duty of care towards clients. It’s also the responsibility of clients to understand treatments being undertaken along with all of their attendant dangers, and to choose trustworthy therapists or surgeons to do the work.

As beauty treatment claims experts, we feel it’s our responsibility to highlight negligent, unprofessional practices so that you can avoid disfigurement and emotional trauma, which are just two of the side effects of being let down by your beauty salon or clinic.

On this note, if you’ve experienced a beauty treatment that has gone wrong, contact our legal team in confidence to make a compensation claim. Email, call 0800 141 3682 or 0333 202 6560, or complete our online enquiry form.

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